Dronecage is a professional drone signal jammer factory from 2015.

Our main products are the drone signal jammers and RF jammer modules.

These products are neccessary for air security or information security in places such as oil depot, chemical factory, mine field, border line petrol station, prison, conference room, examination room, etc.

We can handld with customized projects with key know-how and enormous experience, for we have good cooperation with international customers over 80 countries such as USA, Russia, Europe, Middle-East,etc

Our factory always follow the rapid change of telecommunication trend.

We gradually formed a comprehensive management system to meet the hugh need of customers and begin foreign sales from 2015. Till now, we are experienced and capable to handle with complex projects of various drone signal jammers.


Fast online communication with sales and engineers

*One year warranty and life time technical support
*Details user manual and video/Training and installation instruction/Local guide
*Flexible shipping door to door by air or sea

Our Team:
Here our factory is over 2000sqm, more than 100 staff is working here. The equippment include the comprehensive test instrument, spectrum analyser, CNC, etc. We have our own SMT assembly to assure fast delivery. Also, our strong R&D team will definitely offer an ideal and reliable solution for signal jammer project.