Frequently asked questions

Why isn't DRONECAGE available for other drones?

Don't worry, we're working on it! Drop us an email if you'd like to see a cage for another drone!

How much does DRONECAGE weigh?

DRONECAGE is built from ultra lightweight materials, we scoured the earth for them! DRONECAGE for DJI Phantom 4 weighs just 0.323kg

Can you see the cage on the camera?

Because DRONECAGE also protects your camera, it's an absolute fact that the cage is visible, but we've kept it to an absolute minimum!

How will the Phantom 4 safely be secured to DRONECAGE?

4 lightweight specially designed parts clip into the DJI Phantom 4 and are then attached to the cage - it's very secure!

Does DRONECAGE cause the UAV to overheat?

DRONECAGE may cause warmer operating temparatures when in use. We therefore suggest allowing batteries to fully cool before charging and sufficient time between flights to allow motors to cool.

How long will the DRONECAGE fly for with DJI Phantom 4?

DRONECAGE is light, very light. Weighing it at just 0.323kgs, it keeps your drone in the air on task. Achieving a hover time of around 13 minutes.

What is the setup time?

First time set up of DRONECAGE takes 10 minutes. With practice this easily comes down to 3-5 minutes.

Which model of the DJI Phantom is the DRONECAGE compatible with?

Phantom 4 Phantom 4 Advanced Phantom 4 Pro