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DRONECAGE is designed to take hits, bumps and knocks. It means you can fly your DJI Phantom 4 indoors, in hard to reach places and confined spaces. Now you can inspect and survey safe in the knowledge that your drone is protected with the most cost effective professional solution on the market.


DRONECAGE is made from high quality carbon fibre materials, which are lightweight and strong. This means you'll get maximum flight time from your drone whilst keeping it protected. We took the view that DRONECAGE should be as simple as possible to attach, protect against hits, knocks and bumps, whilst giving as much flight time as possible.


DISCLAIMER: DRONECAGE should only be used between the temperatures of -5°C to +25°C. If you use DRONECAGE in extream temperatures it is your responsibility and refunds will not be issued.

DRONECAGE + x1 Lume Cubes for DJI Phantom 4

  • X1   DJI Phantom 4 Collision Ring

    X2   DJI Phantom 4 Top & Bottom Rod Couplers

    X4   DJI Phantom 4 Tie Downs

    X18 Collision Rods (2 Spare)

    x10 Collision Rod Couplers (2 Spare)

    x1 Lume Cubes